You Have To Forgive

by | Mar 10, 2013 | Articles | 0 comments

I like to speak from the experiences I had. I love to share some of the things I learnt. Today, I am looking at some of the reasons why you should just forgive no matter how badly you have been hurt.
Have you found yourself almost swearing that you will never forgive? I have, in the past. In your mind you kept asking, “How can I forgive him after all he did to me?” I have too.

How can I forgive him if what he did still hurts so bad? How can I forgive when the wound he inflicted feels so fresh? How can I forgive him when all around me are reminders of his wickedness? On and on you go; I know, I’ve been there. Men, did you feel justified about deciding not to budge? I did.

Come to think of it, this person hurt you so deeply. He didn’t show remorse, didn’t care at all. He never for once said he was sorry. He goes about his business as if nothing happened. He even brags about what he did. So what? As much as it sounds stupid, unreasonable and unfair, you just need to forgive. Because forgiveness is divine. You need to do it for YOU not for HIM.

Forgive him so you can start to heal. Forgive him so you can be yourself again. Forgive him so you don’t end up like him; So you can give back the load to him; So he doesn’t hold you down with him. Forgive him so God can take over your case; So you can approach the throne of grace; So you too can be forgiven and so you can experience the feeling of victory.

Trust me, it works. Breathe free. See how happy you become. See how relieved you will be. See how cleansed you will feel. Feel lighter. Your load is gone.