3 Ways You Get Up Happy And Go To Bed Proud

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Articles | 0 comments

Do you truly want to be happy ?

Do you want to radiate joy and lighten up every room you step into ?

Do you want to be that friend who everyone wants to be with ?

Then, you have to do something. Human tendency is to whine and complain and never be satisfied but you can choose to be different. You can choose to wake up happy and go to bed proud on a daily basis.

Here are 3 things you can do in order to achieve that.

  1. Get out of bed with a song of praise on your lips, yes you can choose to be happy. Start by remembering that not everyone who went to bed at night woke up like you did. So, recount your numerous blessings; You probably didn’t go to bed hungry, you are not in a hospital bed and you have a roof over your head. It doesn’t matter if it’s made of iron sheets or thatch or if your’s is  the roof of a car. Be grateful that  you have one or two people who care about you even if they’re not family. Be grateful because not everyone has it this good.
  2.  Show your gratitude by doing one good deed or two. Touch a life positively and spread joy through your kind words and Godly actions. Experience the joy that comes from giving. Do not try to do everything in one day but get going without delay. Your daily to-do-list shouldn’t include more than three major activities. The less you do, the better your result.
  3. Make sure to take a break at the end of the day to see how you did. Sometimes, we get too busy and miss out on the beauty of living. Make out time to meditate on all you have done for the day. Be happy about the tasks you accomplished. Realize some of your mistakes and learn from them. Find out the areas you failed and let those motivate and challenge you to do more. Never waste your time regretting what could have been but rather, thank God for the day, get some rest and be ready to face tomorrow.

What other things have helped you achieve peace and happiness ?

Let’s hear from you