The Things I am Grateful For

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Articles | 0 comments

Gratitude helps us stay positive and calm.

It helps us to cultivate the qualities of patience and contentment, however, we easily forget about the many good things we have and concentrate on the few negative things around us.

I am working to change that in my life.

I am learning to cherish the things I have today and be grateful for them and so.


The breath I take even without noticing, an evidence of the gift of life which we tend to take fore granted.

The good eyes on my head that I could look around me and see other humans and animals and vegetation and everything God has made, that I can see a reflection of me in the mirror

My parents without whom there would be no me. For the love they showed me all my life, for guiding and protecting me and teaching me right from wrong.

For the gift of intelligence and learning ability and for the ability to work and play.

For my friends both old and new who have impacted my life in one way or another.

Grateful for my husband; the love of my life, the father of my kids and the pillar I lean on

For my job that makes it possible for me to pay my bills.

I am most grateful that I don’t need a phone or internet connection to communicate with the one who made me.

For the wonderful children who make me complete, the happiness they bring even for their troubles because these make me stronger

For my ears that i can listen to music and people talking , laughing or crying.

My nose that beautifies my face and lets me enjoy the aroma of food and the fragrances from flowers and plants.

For my friends who make me happy and sad and frustrated sometimes and who call me to order when i misbehave.

For my brother, he knows himself; for being both a brother and a friend

I am grateful for the stars and the moon and the sun, for beauty, the light and the heat.

Rain that cools the air and makes things grow and washes away our filth.

I can go on and on but I have to stop so you can talk.


I will be pleased to hear from you.