My Hero, My Mentor

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Articles | 0 comments

My beloved father is my hero

The man that built confidence in me

He who made me think I could conquer the world

The first person ever to believe in me

My father is my true hero

He gave me everything he had; his love, his time, his protection, his attention and courage and his wisdom too

He taught me to believe in myself

He treated me like a queen and made me believe I could be one

He taught me to be humble, loving, caring and selfless

To be strong and empathetic at the same time

He made work and chores playful and fun

He had an energy reserve and was always doing something

He looked at my face and could read my mood

He gave me an opportunity to be educated even though he had very little of it

He showed me what it means to love by loving my mum and my siblings and all our friends

He came from nothing but worked hard and made a niche for himself

He remained brave even during his final battle with cancer

He has gone to rest but his legacy lives on

I remember him with a lot of love and fond memories

I look forward to being with him when everything is new again

To tell him how grateful I am for being his daughter

And to enjoy his love and his care and his wisdom

I miss him so much but I know it isn’t really goodbye

My beloved father is my true hero