Money or Friends – a balanced view of money

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Articles | 0 comments

Recently, I unofficially interviewed a few of my friends and acquaintances on their view of money. I wasn’t surprised that I got very different opinions from different people after all, that’s why we are called individuals. However, a particular friend of mine had very strong opinions; my eyes almost popped out of their sockets while my mouth completely forgot how to close.

Friends!, how do you view money? Do you see it as a master or a slave?

Do you see it as a solution to everything or like something that comes and goes?

Do you see money and riches as your primary goal in life or do you see money as a tool that helps you along the road to your more concrete goals?

What was it again the bible said about money and riches? The root cause of all evils and those determined to be rich personally bring pain and torture to themselves {not exactly the way the bible said it but you get the point right?}

This friend of mine actually said that for her, money was a serious matter that should never be compromised. She said , “when it comes to money, I don’t play”. She went ahead to talk about how much humiliation she had to endure for being poor growing up, how angry she gets at her parents sometimes for being okay with being poor. She said she was ready to do anything in order to be rich and she was ready to get rid of anyone or anything that would stand on her way. Now you see why I was shocked. At least, she was sincere about it but I also started thinking about how friendly we needed to stay. Oh!, and she didn’t mind me talking or writing about it.

I have seen people change into complete strangers following an upward shift in financial status but should it be this way?, Should we lose our friends and our long held values just because we have more money? I really don’t think so.

The most disappointing aspect of this is that people who have been former victims turn around and repeat same evil as soon as their circumstances change. What a deplorable form of amnesia!

The love of money has also been a major culprit in broken homes and marriages, in lost friendships and unstable alliances. It is such a shame. Do we not realize that this is a scheme from the wicked one?

Let me remind us here that money is better viewed as slave rather than a master. Let’s remember too that nothing is certain and things change and could change in an instant. Material things don’t last forever.

The first can become the last instantly and vice versa. The poor friend or family of today may become more comfortable tomorrow and the rich influential guy might get hit my misfortune. Nothing is permanent under the sun . Even people don’t last forever at least ┬ánot in this system. Riches can never replace your friends and family.

So, why not start today to rearrange your priorities ?; Treat people in your life with love and respect, help people who are down up while you are standing. Who knows, you may trip and fall and maybe someone will be there to extend a helping hand. Always remember that whatever you have was given to you.

Never allow money or riches to come between you and your family or friends. Remember that whatever goes up comes down eventually and no one ever got buried alongside their riches.

I will choose my family and friends over money and riches any day!

What about you friends?

How do you view money?