About Me

I am a Nigerian born American, a devoted wife to my loving husband and a caring mother of three amazing children. Working as a nurse, I have lived a majority of my life taking care of people of all ages and life stages. Younger women, cousins, nieces, friends, and colleagues easily embrace my nurturing spirit as a mother and mentor. These relationships that I cultivated and maintained played a large role in shaping my view of love and life.

I enjoy the whelms of domesticity and find indulgence in the art of cooking. My fondness and knack for cooking stems from the influence of my loving mother. She patiently taught me her craft early on and without judgment allowed me to make a blunder of several recipes along the way.

Being the first child in a lower class Nigerian family was a blessing in disguise. My father displayed strength of character, accompanied by love and humility that aided in building up my self esteem and confidence, and for this I am ever grateful.

For as long as I can remember, writing has been the best outlet for imaginative thoughts and my perception of life and relationships. Putting a pen to paper is a most thrilling experience, especially as I watch my feelings unravel in black and white.

Mine is a journey that is constantly evolving and I invite you to join me as we grow together.