by | Apr 22, 2016 | Articles

Parenting is a very rewarding venture but it is both hard and tasking. Some have been able to negotiate the rigors and intricacies of this God given responsibility. However, some others have not been too successful. Why is it so? How can parents be better in this job of rearing children? I am a parent and I also have many close friends who are parents too. My personal experience as well as that of my friends have given me an idea of some of the factors that influence how successful parents are in their job of parenting. Here are a list of 9 things a parent should bear in mind if she wants to succeed.

  1. Trust Yourself. You need confidence and a positive attitude. Why not tell yourself that you can do it and then confidently work towards being successful. Start with learning from other parents who have been successful. Seek guidance from your creator through study of the bible and gain first-hand knowledge from the author of family life.
  2. You are not a super- parent.  Always remember that being a parent doesn’t make you invincible so be prepared for surprises. Be ready to learn as you go, to make mistakes and learn from them. Ask for assistance whenever you need it because, no one knows it all.
  3. Do it with grace and splendor.  Always remember that children are your greatest blessing and your heaviest responsibility so, fortify yourself by taking good care of yourself, improving your knowledge through study and prayers too. Appreciate the opportunity you’ve been given to make a difference in someone else’s life.
  4. Master the art of listening.  Children need a lot of time and patience. In order to really understand them, you must learn to patiently listen to them and to always respond in a loving manner. Make out time to just hang out with them. Do things together and engage them in casual but meaningful conversations.
  5. Learn to let go. Allow them space to grow and learn too. Just guide them. Don’t try to micro-manage every aspect of your children’s life. You only do that for babies. Let your children experience life and learn as they go. Always remember that they will eventually be on their own.
  6. Don’t expect gratitude. If you want to be happy as a parent, don’t expect children to always show how grateful they are for the things you do, love them nonetheless because your love should be unconditional. Give love time to blossom in their hearts and don’t worry about it. It may take time but if you did a good job, one day, they may surprise you. You never know.
  7.  Be strong. Bear in mind that you will have both good and bad days too so be prepared. Simply do your best and leave the rest to them and to God.
  8. Remember. You cannot protect them from everything, it’s okay if they hate you sometimes but don’t forget to walk the talk and teach by example.
  9. Be realistic. Don’t always expect to be hundred percent successful. Leave room for errors and failures and remember that no matter how excellent a job you do, you may still be disappointed. Be satisfied that at least you tried.

Do you have some ideas to share? Feel free to do so and help another parent be as successful as you are.