Is It Okay To Cry?

by | Mar 10, 2013 | Articles | 0 comments

Let us get real once again; Do you think it is OK to cry? I don’t mean babies or children, I mean teenagers, adults and old people too.

Do you think crying is childish? Do you think it is feminine? Do you think it is something to be ashamed of? Do you think “Big girls don’t cry” or “men shouldn’t cry”? Do you think crying is a sign of weakness? Do you think it makes you stronger if you try very hard not to cry?

I will need some of your candid opinion on this. I have been called a “cry baby” all my life, even by my kids; funny. If you said something I didn’t like, I cried. If you looked at me in a way I didn’t understand, I cried. If you said something I didn’t like, I cried. I also cried about all the normal things that other people cried about, maybe more than they did. So many instances but that will be some other time.

I used to be ashamed of crying the way I did; Used to think i was weak or sick; Used to believe it was my mum’s fault; I was spoiled by “her”, they said. I feel differently now, I believe I know better now, I am as normal as can be, not weak at all. I am just expressive and empathetic and no problem at all.

Are you like me? Do you cry easily too? Take my advice, when next you feel like it, go ahead and cry. Don’t be ashamed at all, you are not alone. Never mind others when they tease, they don’t know a thing. It helped me to cope, still does. It helped me to communicate in the past. Today it helps me to relax.

Please tell me what you think, don’t worry about a thing. Waiting to hear from YOU.