What It Means To Be A Mother

by | Mar 10, 2013 | Articles | 0 comments

Dear friends,
I find it really interesting: how we each have a way of looking at things differently and still be right, all of us.
I asked 5 ladies and 2 gentlemen what it means to be a mother.
Here are the responses IĀ got:

Lady 1 said, “Being a mother means never having time for yourself”
Lady 2 said, “It means staying up at night trying to calm a baby down while your husband snores in bed”
Lady 3, “Finding out on your way to work that you have food stain on your shirt”
Lady 4, “Laughing even when you feel like crying so that your baby can smile”
Lady 5, “Finding out at the middle of the day that you have been walking around with a miss-matched ear ring”
Man no 1 said, “Saying you are going grocery shopping and coming home with a bag full of clothes and shoes”
Man 2, “Telling the kids how to deceive their dad”

Talk Back Time!!!!!! Love U all!!!!!