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I Wish I Were a Supernatural Being

I wish i were a super-natural being, that i had all the powers i needed to do all the things i have always wanted to do. I would have made the world a better place. Each time i think about sickness and death, fighting in the world, hunger and...

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She That I Loved

I used to think she was invincible, used to think she was stronger than death. I used to think that her smiles could soften any face, even the face of death. I used to think that her laughter could drive away evil and agents of darkness, Used to...

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Assuming i am an eagle: the queen of the birds, I will fly around high up in the sky. I will be free and care free, will be elegant and cute. I will fly higher than airplanes if wanted, fly over mountains, gullies and seas without flinching. I will...

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You Are Not Alone

Are you going through something? Is it huge; as huge as Goliath of old? Little David defeated him, remember? You think it has been too long; as long as Methuselah of old lived? He died when the time came. Are you suffering so much; as much as Job...

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My Personal Experience

I count myself fortunate, one of the happily married women but i am a mother too and like all mothers, i know the joys, the pains, the gains and the losses of motherhood. I got married at a tender age; please don't ask me how early or why that...

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The “D” Day

Dear friends, I had said earlier that i had carried my baby to term and went post date, yes i was almost three weeks past my delivery due date before i finally went into labour. Let me mention hear that i was a registered nurse but not a midwife...

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