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The Gratitude Game

A wise man once said that people are not truly happy until they've had reasons to be sad. Bad days teach us how to truly appreciate the things we have. I know this is true because I have had my share of bad days. We tend to take things for granted...

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Greener On The Other Side

Many years ago in Nigeria, people went crazy about a soap opera called "the rich also cry".  It wasn't cast in Nigeria nor was any of the actors Nigerian but almost everyone was captivated. I think the reason is because it exposed a phenomena that...

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This Is Me

I have always had a wild imagination! I have always been an emotional freak; always had pictures in my mind. I have imagined anything imaginable, have had unfounded fears and unnecessary pains from thoughts in my head. I have imagined what God...

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How I Feel, and what I Think

Lovely friends, Let's talk about something slightly different: Feelings. I have been trying to work on my feelings for some time now and what I found out is this, How I feel is up to me; How you feel is up to you. Our feelings don't have to depend...

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What It Means To Be A Mother

Dear friends, I find it really interesting: how we each have a way of looking at things differently and still be right, all of us. I asked 5 ladies and 2 gentlemen what it means to be a mother. Here are the responses I got: Lady 1 said, "Being a...

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You Have To Forgive

I like to speak from the experiences I had. I love to share some of the things I learnt. Today, I am looking at some of the reasons why you should just forgive no matter how badly you have been hurt. Have you found yourself almost swearing that you...

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My Brother and I

Friends, Hope life is treating you fair enough, forgive me because I usually forget to ask and assume that it is. Allow me to share this brief thought about my brother and I and please don't forget to tell me what you think. OK? My immediate...

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Is It Okay To Cry?

Let us get real once again; Do you think it is OK to cry? I don't mean babies or children, I mean teenagers, adults and old people too. Do you think crying is childish? Do you think it is feminine? Do you think it is something to be ashamed of? Do...

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