My Brother and I

by | Mar 10, 2013 | Soliloquies | 0 comments


Hope life is treating you fair enough, forgive me because I usually forget to ask and assume that it is.

Allow me to share this brief thought about my brother and I and please don’t forget to tell me what you think. OK?

My immediate younger brother and I have always been very very close, we were stupid together, smart together, humble together and brave together. I am not very sure about this one, but I will let you judge.

You see, my mum taught us that children of God don’t fight and we obeyed that to the full. We love and respect our mum so much together too; so, this particular girl always threatens to beat us up after school. We can’t fight her because our mum said so.

We stood very close to the door during dismissal assembly and ran out of the hall as soon as the final bell goes. We always ran home from school, my brother and I together. Somehow, she ended up being our friend but truth is I don’t know how or why.

Friends, what do you think about my brother and I? Were we cowards? What do you think? I will still love you no matter what you think.